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Clan Fraser

Clan Fraser

PriceFrom $20.00

All Fiber Braids are 4oz

*Photo samples shown in Merino/Bamboo and NSW Merino

*Please Note: Items that have silk or bamboo *may* take the dye slightly differently than other breeds. Photo examples may not include every breed available. you could

Available Wool Blends/Breeds


Microns: 22-23 microns

Fiber Length: 80mm


Microns: 25-30 microns

Fiber Length: 80-120mm

we’re not going awawwwe


Microns: 20-23 microns

Fiber Length: 100mm

NSW Merino

Microns: 23 microns

Fiber Length: 75-80mm

NSW Merino/Bamboo

70/30 Merino/Bamboo

Microns: 23 microns

Fiber Length: 75-80mm

Oatmeal Blue Faced Leicester/Silk

70/30 BFL/Tussah Silk

Microns: 26 microns

Fiber Lenth: 85-90mm

White Blue Faced Leicester/Silk

70/30 BFL/Tussah Silk

Microns: 26 microns

Fiber Length: 85-90mm

White Shetland/Silk

70/30 Shetland/Tussah Silk

Microns: 29-31 microns

Fiber Length: 90mm

Please note: Every braid has been fully processed according to dyeing protocols, with professional acid dyes, and rinsed clear—-however, due to differences in soap, water minerals, and water temperature, there may be some residual bleeding. Reds, Neon Pinks and Purples, as well as Teals are especially prone to this issue. Please take extra care when using fiber containing these colors. Always wash in cold water and do not soak fiber.


I have done my best to ensure color accuracy in photos, but discrepancies due to computer screens may arise. Also, due to the nature of hand-dyeing, dyed items may not be exactly the same as pictured. Some differences will always exist between dye lots. If you require matching dye lots, please send a note.

Order Processing: All fiber braids are dyed to order. Our current processing time is reflected at checkout. Thank you!

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