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Fiber Braid Breeds

At Cashmere and Coconuts, we truly believe in providing you with ethically sourced high quality wool. Our products come in many different breeds, each with unique characteristics, colors, and feels. Whether you’re looking for something soft and fluffy or sleek and shiny, we have it all. Our hand dyed fiber braids are perfect for all your fiber art needs, including spinning, weaving, and felting.

A fiber braid that starts with a navy color, then turquoise, then neon green and finally yellow in the center. The roving is braided and curled into a circle.

Breed Information


Approximately 25-30microns and staple length, 80-120mm. Our corriedale wools originate from New Zealand. Perfect for hand spinning, hand felting and many other craft uses.


A very old breed developed in Australia, quarter Lincoln and three quarter Merino. This breed is now found in Australia, New Zealand and Falkland Islands, with our Polwarth sourced from the Falkland Islands. This wool has good bulk, and is very soft and silky. The wool is 21-24 Micron and an average length of 80mm. Perfect for hand felting and hand spinning.

Non-Superwash Merino

The staple length is approximately 3-4”. Merino is versatile long staple fiber with excellent spinning and felting properties. It spins beautifully, and is soft enough to be worn close to the skin.

Blue Faced Leicester/Silk

70% White Blue Faced Leicester
30% Bleached Tussah Silk. We have blended the finest luxury fibers together to produce a unique soft silky handle. Perfect for hand felting, hand spinning and many other craft uses.

NSW Merino/Bamboo

70/30 NSW Merino/Bamboo 
23 Micron Merino and Bamboo top come together to make a blend that creates a stunning visual effect. The Merino will take the dye, however the Bamboo remains white and will create a stunning effect to your end project.


Rambouillet is very old breed, originating in the village of Rambouillet, France in 1786. It is also know as French Merino. The wool averages 20-23 Microns, with a good crimp. It also has a good length around 60mm. This wool is brilliant for felting and spinning.

Shaniko Tweed

Shaniko - 89% NSW US Shaniko Wool/6% Acrylic/5% Rayon, Shaniko is a 20.4 Micron American wool that is blended so well that it drafts beautifully and spins easily. Perfect for new spinners and veteran spinners alike!

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