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Autumn Harvest

Autumn Harvest

PriceFrom $29.00

*Many of our colorways are shown on fingering weight bases. As we are able to, we will continue to add additional photos on other bases.

To View Yarn Weight/Base Details, please visit our FAQ page at:

Each skein is carefully hand dyed by me in small batches, using high quality, super soft yarns, and acid dyes. Because of this, each skein is truly a unique creation, and a one of a kind colorway. These yarns are wonderful for shawls, sweaters, hats, and of course, socks.

When using hand-dyed yarns in a project that requires more than one skein, it is strongly recommended to alternate skeins every other row of knitting to even out any differences.

Lastly, as with any hand dyed yarn, please expect some variation from skein to skein (even within the same batch), as each skein is individually hand painted. I always attempt to take photos that accurately represent each colorway correctly, however color and intensity may vary with your monitor settings.

  • Order Processing

    Please note, our order processing is 1-2 weeks, unless it is a custom order. Order processing for custom orders will be set at the time we discuss your custom order.

  • Care Instructions

    Care instructions:

    I dye my yarn with professional acid dyes. The skeins are washed and rinsed thoroughly, although light bleeding may occur during the first wash for skeins that contain neon colors and some very intense colors containing Turquoise, Pinks and Reds. To protect the hard work you put into your project, we always recommend you hand wash your items in cool water and lay flat to dry.

  • Yarn Winding Service

    Winding service is $4 per skein. Please make sure you add this option to your cart at checkout and include the quantity of skeins you wish to have caked.

    **Customers who or elderly or disabled may request winding services at no additional charge for as many skeins as they need caked. We reserve the right to verify this information when needed.

    Note: We do not wind skeins unless it is requested.

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